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Introduction to Muslim Heritage

Today the world is home to 1.2 billion Muslims, representing one fifth of the world’s population. From various countries, speaking different languages and displaying vibrant cultures, they are bound together by the simple message of Islam.

Their heritage is one of splendour, magnificence and amazement, yet it is also one overlooked, forgotten and unrecognised. For while it is said that Europe was trapped in the Dark Ages, there existed, not far away (and indeed within some parts of Europe), a civilization that was flourishing, one that was at the front of scientific discovery, technological expansion and trade; it was the Islamic civilization. The Golden Age of Islam, produced a vast amount of knowledge in the fields of science and medicine, language and literature, arts, music and architecture. The impact of these discoveries are still with us all today.

The Virtual Classroom invites you to take a tour of these great discoveries, where you will be able to unlock for yourself the rich cultural heritage of Islam.